Sizing details

If you like something from my shop but can’t find the size you need for your doll, please, feel free to contact me and if I have this fabric I will repeat it.

Custom and personalized orders
If you have a fabulous design idea for your doll, I can help you to realize it. Please, tell me what kind of doll clothes you want, what fabric you prefer and your doll size. If I have such doll and the fabric I will create it for you with great pleasure!

Please, note that for all custom orders I create I reserve the right to replicate the outfit and sell it later on.

The price will depend on the compexity of the desired outfit, time spent, fabrics and decorations used. Usually it takes about a month to complete one order.

If you order exact same outfit I already have but just in another color, it will take regular time (about 2 weeks).

Gift wrapping and packaging
All of your orders will be shipped to you in cute folders specially designed for ELENPRIV. Also all items are wrapped in tissue paper.

What if my parcel is lost?
Average delivery time is usually from 14 till 30 days. If you didn’t receive your package, please, contact me. I will write a claim in my post office and will do my best to find your package.
If the post answers me that the parcel is lost, I will make a total refund for you or repeat your order. Don’t worry 🙂

Based on our experience here in ELENPRIV, we would like to inform our buyers from the USA that starting from the middle of November till the end of December you might wait for your parcels longer than usual. This happens because this is the holiday Christmas time and post offices have too many presents to send 🙂

How fast will I receive an answer to my message if I write you?
I try to answer all of my mail as soon as possible, usually same or next day. Sometimes it takes up to several days depending on how busy I am with my orders.
I don’t answer mail over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). All messages received on that time will be answered on Monday or Tuesday. I also don’t asnwer my mail on government holidays in Russia, e.g. first week on January and May holidays.

Will the clothes items paint my doll’s body?
Please, note that some fabrics might paint your doll. Be careful with black and red colored clothes the most. We test all fabrics on our dolls but different types of plastic and materials the dolls are made of might react differently. The best way is to use a plastic wrap to protect a doll’s body or just do not leave the colored clothes on a doll for too long. Thank you for understanding.

Why clothes color is different from the picture in the listing?
Clothes color might be a bit different from the one in the listing due to the way various computers/laptops/cell phones monitors display it.

What if I missed time when the package was delivered to me?
Sometimes post delivers the package to a client in time when person is not home. It might happen several times. A person might be on vacation, different city, etc. In this case, post usually don’t keep the parcel for long and send it back to me, to Russia.

When it comes here, I need to cover sending back fees and only after paying I can get the package back. Fees vary.

If you want me to send the package one more time, I will gladly do that if you send me a message and cover all fees I had to cover (fees for getting the package back and shipping costs).

I’ve got more than one order placed in your shop. Can you ship them together and refund me for shipping?
No. And there is a reason why I refuse to do that now:

orders might be placed on very different dates (e.g. 1 and 10th of September). Usually it takes me up to 2 weeks to sew all of the fashions in the order. If I agree to combine these two orders, it will mean that I’ve got only 4 days to complete both of them (counting from the first one). And this is not enough. If I sew longer (and usually my customers understand this situation here), then it influences my Etsy shipping history in a bad way which I don’t want.

To sum up, one order = one parcel.

Custom and personalized orders
When the outfit discussed within custom order is ready, I send a picture of it to the client, so that he/she can confirm that all is fine.

If all is good, I send the outfit and let know the track number. If the outfit needs to be corrected, then the customer tells me all of the details needed to be corrected at once. All the corrections needed at one time, so that I can make the outfit look the way he/she wants.